Serial production of springs for machine-building industry and agricultural machinery.
Repair and production of equipment for oil-extracting industry.

About us

Factory "Agrodetal" is a company which specialises in manufacturing springs for machine-building industry. The company also provides services for the repair of various types of high-pressure fittings, oil and gas equipment used in drilling and overhaul of oil and gas wells.

Our company has a wide machine-park, which allows us to make almost the entire spectrum of spare parts for equipment and various spring products. We also produce different rakes and spring teeth that are widely used in grain harvesting, forage harvesting and earth-working agricultural machinery.

Also our factory is a manufacturer of different kinds of engineering systems of perimeter protection. We produce and supply a wide range of products for protection of industrial and civil objects from intruders - barbed wire "Egoza", protective barriers etc.

    Factory «Agrodetal» provides the following services::

  • repair of high pressure shutters of type of ZM, ZMS, ZMAD, ZP, ZMH
  • repair of throttle-locking devices of type DR
  • repair of fountain fittings GOST 13846-89
  • hydraulic testing equipment with pressure up to 105 MPa
  • repair of blocks of manifold GOST 13862-90
  • manufacture of heads of columns ОКК1, ОКК2, ОКК3 GOST 30196-94, and also accessories to them
  • manufacture of flange adapters, flanges of welded, intermediate flanges, buffer flanges, deformed flanges in accordance with GOST 28919-91, GOST 12815-80, GOST 12821-80, threaded flanges for lens joints GOST 9399-81
  • complete sets of mounting parts of flanged joints (studs, nuts, sealing rings) in accordance with GOST 28919-91
  • manufacture of transompers for NKT columns (with threads GOST 633-80, VAGT), for drill columns (threaded GOST 28487-90, VX-31, VX-28)
  • manufacturing and repair of millers of the type FCC, FT, FZ

At present, the customers of our products in the oil-extracting industry are the following companies: Burisma Group,Energo-Service Company ESCO-PIVNICH Ltd, Poltava Drilling Company Ltd, Ukrainian Drilling Company Ltd , Naftogas Industrial Geology Ltd, BK Ukrburservis Ltd, GAZ-MDS Ltd, "Tacrom Ukraine" Ltd and others working on the oil and gas market of Ukraine.


Address :

Ukraine, 36014,
Kvitky Cisyk street 35
Factory "Agrodetal" Ltd

+38 (0532) 508-561,
+38 (0532) 611-800
+38 (097) 454-41-40 - Department of spring production
+38 (050) 587-13-28 - Department of oil-extracting equipment


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